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Best Practices Committee 2023
Members Include:
Lenna Applebee
Amanda Blocker
Adrienne Hillman
Barbara Howard
Ramona Howard
Anastasia Lagmay
Nicole Leonard
Chris Lundy
Mary Beth Morris
Davis Palubeski
Rachael Robideaux
Beatriz Rodriguez
Ashby (Sadowski) Stone
Jessica Sherrington
Ashlee Toomey-Flinn

Focusing on a Growth Mindset

GTAAN's goal is to help advisors share their best practices for creating efficient and effective academic advising systems. Please join us this year's Best Practices Conference to learn how colleges and universities in Georgia and beyond are fostering student growth in this year's theme of Focusing on a Growth Mindset. You do not have to work at Georgia Tech to attend or present at the Best Practices Conference! Please watch this space for updates regarding the Best Practices Conference.

Early Bird Registration Costs

  • $60 for Non-GT Attendees
  • $20 for GT Attendees (cannot pay with PCard)

Proposal Submission Information

As advising colleagues, we have much to share and teach each other about fostering a growth mindset through advising. Our goal is to share our best practices, our best "secrets" for creating efficient and effective academic advising systems. Please consider submitting a proposal to present your best practices to share resources with fellow advisors across Georgia.  

Submission Information 

  • Presentations format: 45 minutes lecture/discussion 

  • Be sure to include information for all presenters  

  • Limit submissions to 600 words (100-word abstract/500-word presentation proposal) 

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