Executive Board

2022-2024 GTAAN Executive Board



Amy Huttenhoff

Role in Executive Board: Run GTAAN meetings, run monthly Executive Board meetings, oversee the Advising Certificate Program, assist other officers and committee chairs with their projects, serve on various campus committees as GT Academic Advising representative, and communicate Advising concerns to the Vice-Provost's office.

Ashby Sadowski
VP of Operations & Assessment

Role in Executive Board: Responsible for understanding the needs and best practices of our advisors on campus. At each monthly GTAAN meeting the Vice President of Assessment conducts a survey focusing on a topic of importance to all advisors. To enhance the quality of advising across campus, the previous month's survey results are announced at the following month's GTAAN meeting. Results are also posted on the GTAAN website. Provides orientation and turns over all materials to successor.

Ashlee Toomey-Flinn
VP of Communications

Role in Executive Board: Communicate with GTAAN members regarding meetings and important campus events, advertise meetings and events, publish Advisor newsletter and weekly email, assist with updating GTAAN website.

Davis Palubeski
VP of Engagement

Role in Executive Board: Responsible for coordinating plans and executes the programs for monthly GTAAN general meetings. Provides orientation and turns over all materials to successor.

Adrienne Hillman
VP of Training & Devlopement

Role in Executive Board: Assure that regular GTAAN meetings are recorded and distributed to all GTAAN members, track attendance, record all Executive board meetings, create meeting agendas, and assist President with creation of other event materials.

GTAAN Executive Board Guiding Principles
  • Engagement – we will be present and effective officers of GTAAN both during and after our terms of service

  • Collaboration – we will work with all members of the GTAAN community to build a better GTAAN and provide real growth opportunities for our members

  • Fellowship – we will engage the GTAAN community by developing relationships and connections for the good of the GTAAN community

  • Accessibility – GTAAN Exec members will be accessible to each other and the GTAAN community

  • Openness – ideas and information will be shared freely in a welcoming environment

  • Accountability – GTAAN Exec Board members will be held accountable for their roles and responsibilities to other members of the board and the GTAAN community

  • Integrity – GTAAN Exec Board members will be exemplify integrity in their dealings with individuals and the community to foster trust and affinity within the group