Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 3:37pm

Have you ever met with a student who needed more guidance from you than you had the tools to provide? Maybe they wanted additional information about a different degree on campus or maybe they had questions about which major to choose in order to reach a career goal that is outside of your area of expertise? It can sometimes feel like you don't have the right answers in these situations, even though you know everything there is to know about your specific degree, functional area, and advising population. Well, as of Summer 2019, we now have someone to whom we can refer all of our exploring students!

Meet Georgia Tech's new Exploratory Advisor, Stephanie Aluko!

Stephanie combines advising theory and student development theory to work with undergraduate students interested in exploring majors and academic options, including majors, minors, and certificates. From those who are truly undecided, “stuck,” “in between,” or on the “wrong path,” to those are who are curious about making a change of major or trying to choose from many possibilities. In this role, Stephanie will engage students in a reflective process to clarify their interests and goals and develop plans to connect with resources, explore opportunities, and make decisions. Stephanie will work in close partnership with other advisors on campus to help exploring students gain autonomy and align their interests with a degree path at Georgia Tech. Once students decide upon a major, they will still follow academic departmental policies and Change of Major processes and fill out the Change of Major form with major advisors. Students will be able to schedule appointments with Stephanie at gatech.gradesfirst.com.

Stephanie's Office is located in Clough 283-B (Undergraduate Academic Advising/CAS suite)
You can get in touch with her at stephanie.aluko@gatech.edu 

Meet Stephanie at the August 28th GTAAN Meeting!