Ashlee Toomey-Flinn
Ashlee Toomey-Flinn
Education Abroad Scholarships Advisor
Office of International Education

Hometown: Edmond, OK
Alma Mater: Arkansas Tech  
Degree(s): Bachelor’s of Arts (German), Master’s of Arts (English)

Q: What is your favorite activity/hobby:
A: Playing with power tools, hiking, scaring my cat and spouse, and crafting (specifically with hand lettering).

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: Notifying students that they’ve gotten scholarships to study abroad, helping students to find their voice on scholarship applications, and working with campus partners to develop solutions to programming or finding more effective ways to work together to support each other really makes my heart sing.

Q: Where is your favorite place on campus?
A: Our building is next to Tech Tower and I think it’s such a lovely place at different times of the year. I love walking there in spring when the azaleas are in bloom or in fall when the trees look like they’re on fire when the leaves change. Not to mention that the President’s Green is surprisingly quiet despite being off of North Avenue.

Q: Unique/exciting thing you bring to Georgia Tech?
A: I enjoy sharing resources and helping folks to make connections that serve them well. I’m not always the best communicator, but if I can help someone find something that makes their life easier, then I’m all about that. I like to listen and we have the great fortune to work with people with such a variety of interests in skills and sharing those with one another is really rewarding.

Q:Anything else that you would like for the GTAAN community to know about you and/or your role at Tech?
A: There are truly so many opportunities for students at Tech and we on the Education Abroad Team in OIE really want to make students as successful as possible. If there’s something that we can do to better communicate or work together to support each other, please let us know.

Thanks so much for letting us shine he spotlight on you this month, Ashlee!