Adrienne Hillman
Adrienne Hillman
Academic Advisor

Hometown: Northville, MI
Alma Mater: Michigan State University
Degree(s): BA in Psychology, MA in Student Affairs Administration

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: I love that within my advising role, I am also the contact for our prospective students and families and hold 15 information sessions during the year. In addition, I oversee and supervise our CHBE Student Ambassadors. It is wonderful to train and mentor student leaders within the department. By wearing multiple hats, I am truly able to stay engaged and connected with not only our current students, but also the high school and transfer students interested in applying to the major.

Q: Where is your favorite place on campus?
A: I enjoy walking around campus with fellow co-workers, but I would say my favorite place is just stepping right outside of my building, Ford ES&T into the open BioQuad area. It is a great place to take my lunch and soak up the sun during a workday.

Q: Unique/exciting thing you bring to Georgia Tech?
A: I was an academic program coordinator within CEE my first three years at Tech, so it has been very beneficial as a higher education professional to have the experience of working in more than one major/department. There are so many great advisors and other staff within COE that I have been able to build relationships with over time.

Q: Anything else that you would like for the GTAAN community to know about you and/or your role at Tech?
A: This fall will be my 4th year teaching a section of GT 1000. The first two years I taught on the topic, Women in Leadership. Now, I really enjoy teaching the CHBE major specific section to get to know my advisees from day 1. Also, I have served on the GTAAN Best Practices Committee over the last three years.

Thanks for letting us get to you know, Adrienne!